F#       F#maj7
You, you got me 
Thinking it'll be alright. 

You, you told me, 
"Come and take a look inside." 
You believed me, 
In every single lie. 
But I, I failed you this time. 

        F#    C#\F     Dm#
And it feels like tonight. 
I can't believe 
     F# C#\F    Dm#
I'm broken inside. 
 H                          F#             C#    
Can't you see that there's nothing that I wanna do, 
       Dm#         H
But try to make it up to you? 
        F#    D#m     G#m9Б
And it feels like tonight, 

I was waiting 
For the day you'd come around. 
I was chasing, 
And nothing was all I found. 
From the moment you came into my life, 
You showed me what's right. 


Dm#       F#                 H
I never felt like this before. 
Just when I leave, I'm back for more. 
        F#                  H (C#)
Nothing else here seems to matter. 
In these ever-changing days, 
You're the one thing that remains. 
I could stay like this forever. 


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