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Intro:  F#m  D  A (x2)

Verse:  F#m  D  A (x4)

Somebody, somewhere turns out the lights
Somebody all alone faces the night

You've got to be strong
When you're out on your own
          E           D
Sooner or later
We all sleep alone 

(Repeat Intro)

Nobody nowhere holds the key to your heart
When love's a possession it'll tear you apart
You may have lovers wherever you roam
But sooner or later
We all sleep alone


      D             E          F#m   
The young and the young at heart wait
        D      E              F#m    
But the wait never ends in the soul
        D  E         F#m
When you feel like it's all blown away
Independence has come
And into the night I go

Solo: F#m D A (x4)

Don't make no promises
That I can't keep
Won't be no prisoner
Of somebody's needs 

Well you may have lovers
Wherever you roam
But sooner or later
We all sleep alone

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