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Date: Mon, 25 Dec 1995 19:40:07 -0500 (EST)
From: Glen Norman Pavan 
Subject: cheap_trick:  gonna_rasie_hell.tab

artist:  Cheap Trick
title:  Gonna Raise Hell
album:  Dream Police
tuning:  standard

hit the slide up the fretboard in the intro hard, like Pete Comita

A----5--7-7-----------5--7-7-----------5--7-7---3---------------|    repeat

gonna raise hell  (4 times)

E     A    E   A

(E) Ambition   HA!   If all I've
(G) heard is true there's nothing much I can do to change the
(A) World it's irreversible but in
(G) what it lacks it's got a taste that smacks of
(A) something irresistible

  gonna raise hell gonna raise hell gonna raise hell

repeat chorus


second verse
Submission?  YES! Now I won't name names and a secret's a secret
But a hint's a hint or a clue
You really wanna know you really wanna go
There's only two things you got to do

chorus twice

bridge (guitar in parenthesis, bass not)    5 times


third verse
My mission?  Ah, yes!  Everybody hear?  Everybody here
It's a fate I all agree
Sometimes you win I never lose
To me it's no mystery

chorus repeated until drum solo
bass starts intro
when guitar starts, bass plays chorus
chorus until fade

comments questions to [email protected]
                            -I'm here, I'm queer, I play 5-string bass

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