This song is from Tracy Chapman's album 'Let it rain'. it's really slow and easy to play,
also sounds good if two guitars get together cos there is a main chord progression, and also
another little guitar riff over the top, at the chorus, although you may have to listen
to the song since it is quite quietly played, so you may not have noticed it.

'I am yours..'

(Em - Am)-when playing these chords play the bottom strings more strongly on the first
strum, and more lightly on the second strum.

When all my hopes and dreams
Have been betrayed
(Em Am)x1
I stand before you
My hands are empty
(Em Am)x2

(E maj, A maj, E maj) 
I am yours
If you are mine (x2)

When I fall and stumble
Flat on my face
When I'm shamed and humbled
In disgrace


When voices call me
To question my faith
When misperception
Taints my love with hate


When time decides
It won't stop for me
When the hawks and vultures
Are circling


thats basically it apart form at the chorus bits, the 2nd guitar part, i think, goes like this;

-----------------------  x 3, 4 5 ?
and is repeated slowly throughout the chorus, but have a listen.

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