So (A)this is who i (D)am,
And (A)this is all(Bm) i know,
And i must choose to (Em)live, 
For all that i can give , 
the spark that makes the power grow

And (DI will stand for (A)my dream (G)if i (D)can,
(G)Symbol of my (D)faith in  (Em)who i (Bm)am, 
But you are my (Em)only,
And i must (D)follow on the (A)road that (G)lies (D)ahed,
And (G)i wont let my (D)heart con(Em)trol my (Bm) head,
But you are my (Em)only
And we don't (D)say goodbye(A), we don't say (Bm)goodbye (E)
And i know what (Em) i've got to be

(D)I make my (Em)journey through e(F#m)terni(E)ty
(D)I keep the (Em)memory of (F#m)you and me (Em)inside

(A)Fulfill you (G)desti(D)ny,
Is (A)there within the (Bm)child,
My storm will never (Em)end,
My fate is on the wind,
The king of (G)hearts, the joker's wild(A)
We don't (D)say goodbye (A), we don't say good(Bm)bye(E)
Ill make them (Em)all remember me

Cos (D) i have found a (A)dream that (G)must come (D)true,
(G)Every ounce of (D)me must (Em)see it (Bm)though,
But you are my (Em)only
I'm sorry (D)i don't have a (A)role for (G)love to (D)play,
(G)hand over my (D)heart I'll (Em)find my (Bm)way,
I will make them (Em)give to me

(D)There is (Em)vision and a (F#m)fire in (Em)me
(D)I keep the (Em)memory of (F#m)you and (Em)me inside
And we don't (D)say goodbye
(A)We don't say good(Bm)bye(E)
With all my (Em)love for you,
And what else we may do
We don't say good(D)bye (A),(G),(D) 

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