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GOING OUT TONIGHT (Mary Chapin Carpenter & John Jennings)
[Actually in F; capo 5.]
[Each chord is about half a measure.]
[The rhythm is an important part of this song; I'd write it down, but
 I think it's pretty easy to figure out from listening to the recording.
 C is 332010, and C(9) is 330010.]

C  C(9)   C  C(9)   C  C(9)   C  C(9)

          C      C(9)     C      C(9)     C  C(9)  C  C(9)
I'm going out tonight to find myself a friend
         C         C(9)        C        C(9)        C  C(9)  C  C(9)
I need a welcome smile and the grasp of an open hand
      F        F         Am         Am    F         F       Am        Am
Gonna sit for hours in a small dark place, catch up with a long lost face
C           C(9)      C        C(9)     C  C(9)  C  C(9)
  And talk about how long it's really been

I'm going out tonight with perfume on my wrist
I'm need to find someone to show me what I've missed
And when I see that someone sittin' there, gonna tell your memory I don't care
If he offers something more than just a kiss

G      G          Em    F       F        F   F   F
  Underneath the moon so bright, I wanna fall tonight
  G         G   G   F
Beneath a spell
G      G          Em   F     F         F         F          F
  Underneath the sky so clear, I wanna find someone waiting there
            G        G   G   G
Who used to know me well

I'm going out tonight without a chaperone
I'm gonna leave that meddling heart of mine at home
'Cause it don't like crowds or closing time, neon blues or pickup lines
It makes me spend my Friday nights alone

Underneath the moon so bright [first guitar solo]
Underneath the sky so clear [second guitar solo]

I'm gonna tell myself that someone I adore
Is the one I'm with, ain't that what friends are for
'Cause my empty arms are open wide; I'm long on spite, and short on pride
And the old way isn't working anymore

          C      C(9)     C      C(9)      C  C(9)  C  C(9)  C  C(9)  C.
I'm going out tonight to find myself a friend


[These notes should be right, but I don't know about the
 voicings; if it's easier in another position, go for it.]

  F                C                G                          F
E ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
B ------111--0----|----------------|----------------|------8---------|
G ------222--0--2-|2--0--0---------|----------------|---/7-----------|
D --------------3-|3--2--2------02-|3--2--3-5-------|--5-------------|
A --------triplet-|triplet----02---|5--3--5-5-------|----------------|
E ----------------|----------3-trip|triplet---------|----------------|
  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .

  F                C                G
E ----------------|------000--1--3-|5--1------------|----------------|
B ------666--5--3-|1-----111--3--5-|6--3--3---------|----3-----------|
G ------777--5--4-|0-------triplet-|------4-4-------|5=4---5---------|
D ----------------|----------------|triplet---------|----------------|
A ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
E --------triplet-|----------------|----------------|----------------|
  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .

- Adam Schneider, [email protected]

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