Most of it is chords but I will add in some of the tabs that you should play.

Intro : C5  Am  G  C  *hold the C chord then pluck the A, G, and D strings)

        C5  Am  (B : -1-0--) G (B: -0-1--) F 

E : ----------------1----------------
B : ---1-3-4-3-1----1------1-3-4-3-1-
G : -4------------4-2----4-----------4 (hold note)
D : ----------------3----------------
A : ----------------4----------------
E : ----------------1----------------

Verses :
C  Am   G   

D     :-----0---
A     : --------
Low E : -3------

Then go into the C immediately from there.

Then the next part is :
 Em       G
The sun, goes down..

Am  G     Am           Em          Am        C
      And if you could see, what's come over me.

Am             C      Am  C  Am  C
Then you would know.

*Same chords for the next part*

As I sit here in this darkness...

Verse 2 same as 1, just strum a little harder.


Bridge : 

high e --3--

        Hold me

Am               C
now, and ____ the Sunfilled sky?

Repeat this

              C  Am  G
the days gone by...

Em     Am  C  Am...

E : ----------------1
B : ---1-3-4-3-1----1
G : -4------------4-2
D : ----------------3
A : ----------------4
E : ----------------1
C  G C

Am (B : -1-0--) C (B : -0-1--)

E : ----------------1
B : ---1-3-4-3-1----1
G : -4------------4-2
D : ----------------3
A : ----------------4
E : ----------------1


End : A  G  A  G  A  G  A

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