Here's a bass tabs of Cannibal Corpse it's on the album Tomb of the 
Mutilated. I think this sound rigth but it there can be some mistake. 
It's not the official bass tabs. Please answer me with a e-mail or 
correct the tab. My e-mail is:
                         [email protected]

Hammer Smashed Face

Riff 1          Riff 2     Bass Solo        Riff 3
G-----------G   G------G   G------------G   G------------G
D-----------D   D------D   D--4---------D   D--4---------D
A-----------A   A------A   A-2-2-3------A   A-2-2-3------A
E-0-0-0--6-E   E-2-00-E   E------2-0-1-E   E------2-0-1-E

Riff 4              Riff 5          Fill
G---------------G   G-----------G   G-------G
D---------------D   D-----------D   D-------D
A-2-4--2-3------A   A-------1---A   A-------A
E---------2-0-1-E   E-2-3-2---0-E   E-3-2-0-E

Riff 6(Bit of the main chorus) Riff 7
G-------------------G          G------------------G
D------------0------D          D------------------D
A---------2-2-2-1---A          A----------1-------A
E-----------------3-E          E-------3-3--3-2-0-E

Riff 8                    Riff 9        Riff 10
G---------------------G   G---------G   G--------------G
D---------------------D   D---------D   D--------------D
A-----------------1---A   A---------A   A--------------A
E-----------2h3p2---0-E   E-2-0-0---E   E-0-0-2--0-0-2-E

Riff 11

That it! The tabs of Hammer Smashed Face(None official)
*For correction [email protected]

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