Song: Its Alright
Artist: Candlebox
Copyright: 1998, 1999 ?

Regular tuning (EADGBE)

                                                   (REPETE A
                                                    FEW TIMES)

Then you strum one of these (Im not sure) once or twice and pick the
a few times and then repete it.


|--2--|  |--3--|
|--0--|  |--3--|
|--0--|  |--2--|
|--0--|  |--3--|
|-----|  |-----|
|-----|  |-----|

I'm not sure about the chorus.

Then later in the disstorted part it goes like this.

|-----------------------------| (Then you repete it a few times)

Sorry I dont have it all. Any questions or comments, email me at
[email protected]


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