F                 G                C            am
You left me with goodbye and open arms
F         G                 C        Am
A cut so deep I don't deserve
F                         G      C           am
You were always invincible in my eyes
F                 G                C          am
The only thing against us now is time 

          F         G         C                    am
Could it be any harder to say goodbye and without you,
          F         G        C              am
Could it be any harder to watch you go, to face what's true
F              G        am 
If I only had one more day
1ers 2:
F              G                 C          am
I lie down and blind myself with laughter
F              G                 C            am
A quick fix of hope is what I'm needing
F                    G                     C            am
And how I wish that I could turn back the hours
F            G                     C            am
But I know I just don't have the power


F                    G
I'd jump at the chance,
C                            Am
We'd drink and we'd dance
Am                                            F  
And I'd listen close to your every word,
F                      G                          C
As if it's your last, I know it's your last,
C                                am
Cause today, oh, you're gone 

F                      G
Like sand on my feet,
G                         C 
The smell of sweet perfume
Am                              F
You stick to me forever babe
F                           G 
And I wish you didn't go
C                            C                            am
I wish you didn't go, I wish you didn't go away
F                   G
To touch you again,
G                      C 
With life in your hands,
C              am       F            G        C  
It couldn't be any harder.. harder.. ohhhhh 
F          G           C 
Could it be any harder

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