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 Subject: CRD: The Airport Song The Byrds Chords/Lyrics
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 The Byrds      The Airport Song  written by Jim McGuinn/David Crosby
 Emaj7       Amaj7    Emaj7           Amaj7
 You make me smile    and             all the while 
            F#m7                     Am7                Emaj7   Amaj7 
 You're so  cool I can feel  if  you care if it's real  
 Emaj7      Amaj7     Emaj7               Amaj7
 I found you here     the    sun and your hair 
           F#m7              Am7           Emaj7 Amaj7  Emaj7  E7
 Caught my eye  passing by I knew I should try
               C#m           F#          C#m         F#
 I watched the planes coming in  felt my heart beat again
       C    F#m    C/A     F#m    Emaj7   Amaj7
 And I knew that   I       would stay
 Emaj7     Amaj7   Emaj7        Amaj7
 A cab for two     a whole city new
           F#m                 Am7               Emaj7  Amaj7  Emaj7
 But this time we'll share the love  we'll  find there
                Copyright @ 1964 Tickson Music
                From the Preflyte  LP 
                Together Records 1969

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