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Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 12:04:06 -0500 (CDT)
From: [email protected] (Rick Lusher)
Subject: Don't Make Waves   The Byrds  Chords

The Byrds      Don't Make Waves    written by Roger McGuinn
                                              Chris Hillman

D                    A                G          D
If you're looking to get a good thing going for yourself
                       A                G               D
House and pool  a new  Rolls Royce and  some  degree of wealth
           A                G                 D
Don't make waves don't make waves  don't make waves
D               A                     G               D
Take a ride out West to     find that freedom that you crave
                  A                G               D
Kick that nine to five   Dont  let them make you a slave
           A                G                  D
Don't make waves don't make waves  don't makes waves
G            C              G                C
And when the toys  that you dreamed  of have finally come
G             C              A                       D
They all will break and your back where you started  from
D                A
Now that blue is calling you  ??
     G                  D
With days and nights so warm   ???
D                  A        G             D
You can find excitement any size shape or forn
D          A                 G                      D
Don't make waves don't make  waves waves don't make waves

 Columbia Records 45 1967

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