BUSTED - Year 3000(acoustic)

Tabbed by:funnyjimmy
Email:[email protected]

capo on the 3rd fret.

Verse 1...

g               d
One day, when I came home, 
   Cadd9            g 		d
At lunch time, I heard a funny noise,
  g                d             
I went out, to the back yard, 
   Cadd9                  g		d
To find out, if it was one of those roudy boys,
g                   d
Stood there, was my neighbour, 
    Cadd9       g	  d	
Called Peter, in a Flux Copasitor


g                    d
He told me he built a time machine, 
Like one in a film I've seen,

Yeah, yeah,


             g           d       Cadd9  d
He said I've been to the year 3000, 
             g                d         Cadd9     d
Not much has changed but they live underwater, 
         g            d            Cadd9        d
And your great, great, great, grand daughter, 
          g      d        cCadd9       d
Is pritty fine!  (Shes pritty fine)

Verse 2...same as first verse

He took me, to the future, 
In the Flux thing, and I saw everyhitng, 

Boy bands, and another one, 
And another one, and another one, 

Tripple, breasted women, 
Swam around town, totally naked!


g                   d
I took a trip to the year 3000, 
Cadd9               g      d
This song had gone muti platinum, 
g                     d
Everybody bought our 7th album, 
Cadd9              g      d  
It had outsold Michael Jackson,
g                    d
I took a trip to the year 3000,
Cadd9               g      d
This song had gone muti platinum,
g                     d
Everybody bourght our 7th album, 
7th album, 7th album...


Chorus x3

the normal version is exactly the same but without the capo 
so don't look at the other tabs cos they are soooo wrong its 
funny! If you think my tab is wrong then ask busted cos this 
is what they play in the video and on top of the pops.

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