Band: Busted
Album: A Present For Everyone
Song: That Thing You Do
Tabber: Emma C. (busted_chick)
questions?: [email protected]

A A D D F#m E D D


     A              F#M             E           D
When I woke up so proud to see you lying naked next to me
          A                    F#M               E           D
And the clothes you wore, the night before were lying on my bedroom floor yea


D          D      A          A
  This is, how i want it to be
D             D           E    D 
  You know it, I want it that way....


A                          D
Baby, I dont know what to say
Its like that everyday
     E              D         
Ive never felt this way, yeeayy no
A                         D
I just, dont know wht to do
If i cant be with you
 E                 D                   
Girl you know its true
    E                  A
I love that thing you do

Verse 2:

Ive seen everything I dreamt it all last nite we did it in a waterfall
And when you turned round all i could see, is beautiful simplicity yeah


This is how i want it to be
You know it, i want it that way....


Middle thingy:
(..I love that thing you) do
I love that thingyou do
I love that thing you do
I love that thing you do
I love that thing you dooo yeah

Repeat Chrous etc

Good song, buy the album people! 
Emma xxx

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