Losing You

 standard tuning ( EADGBe)

Intro :

D    A

G          Bm        A       D 
                 A                              G            
sitting here alone thinking it through trying to convince myself that I'm
     Bm         A               D 
not losing you,
or can't you just forget the things I said
        G                                    Bm            A
I was angry at the time but now I cleared my head
             G                                 A
it was so strong, where did it all go wrong

              D                                       A
so tell me why, I'm swimming against the tide
and I'm praying for a lifeline, cos I'm
Bm     A   
losing you
              D                                       A       
so tell me why, you took care enough to try
are you giving up this fight, I can't stand, 
Bm             A       D
wont stand, losing you

you don't have to say a word its in your eyes
what can I do to convince you we need more time
and I know I may have made a few mistakes
but losing you is just too much for me to take
it was so strong, where did it all go wrong

G                       Bm        
so tell me what to say
              D                        A         
because I need, a chance to change
               Bm      F#m  G              
and I wont let you walk away

{chorus x2}

Great song...great band..........PDX 3156 + PAL 5757

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