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Song:   Carnival Song
Artist: Tim Buckley
Source: From Goodbye And Hello, 1967

{Ab / / / / / Gb/Ab / / / / /}

    Ab               Gb/Ab
The singer cries for people's lies
Ab                   Gb/Ab            Ab / / / / / Gb/Ab / / / / /
He will sing for the day to bring him night
    Ab              Gb/Ab
The circus burns in carnival flame
    Ab                   Gb/Ab           Ab / / / / / Gb/Ab / / / / /
And for awhile you won't know my name at all
    Db       B         Gb       E           Ab / / / / / Gb/Ab / / / / /
But sing and dance and love for pennies and gold

The juggling clown smiles to me
And every frown we agree is glad
The nighttime comes to bring the bums
From Bowery heat to crimson streets of wine
But magic lands will nbever touch our sands

Your children smile in single file
They learn mistakes that others make
They see although they cannot know
The needs they'll need to have their greed grow wild
But dance and sing for others bring the shame
    Db   B     Gb        E       Ab / / / / / Gb/Ab / / / / /
And for awhile you won't know my name

{Ab / / / / / Gb/Ab / / / / /} (to fade)


No guitar on this song that I could hear, but this arrangement
is sufficient for guitar.  It's in 3/4 time, and it sounds all right
if pluck the bass string on the first beat and strum the chord on beats
2 and 3.  Enjoy (hopefully)...

submitted by Hirsch Freeman
comments and corrections are welcome at [email protected]

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