Date: May 21 2002
From: [email protected] Australia

Song: Satisfied Mind
Artist: Jeff Buckley

This is a gorgeous song off the 'Sketches' albulm...
I realise this is just a base - the key is to add your own personal lib to it as Jeff always does...
Enjoy :)

(INSTRU: misc / add lib)


         D   E             D             A      A
How many times... have you heard someone say
        E       D                  A     A
If I had money... I'd do things my way
                 D  E             D       A       A
But little they know... that it's so hard to find
               E     D                   A     A
One rich man in ten... with a satisfied mind

A           D    E               D                 A   A
Money can't buy back... all your youth when you're old
                    E        D                  A      A
A friend when you're lonely... or peace to your soul

A              D    E         D         A      A
The wealthiest person... is a pauper at times
                E     D                 A      A
Compared to the man... with a satisfied mind

       D         E          D              A         E      D     A
(oh... ooh... yeah... satisfied, satisfied mind... ooh... ooh... ooh)

(NC)            D   E          D            A
When my life is over... and my time has run out
                  E            D                   A
My friends and my loved ones... I'll leave them no doubt
                    D   E              D        A      A
But one thing's for certain... when it comes my time
                    E      D                   A      A     A
I'll leave this old world... with a satisfied mind

                    D   E              D        A
But one thing's for certain... when it comes my time
                E               D                    A
I'll leave this ol' world... ooh... with a satisfied mind.

That's it - beautifully crafted song.

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