Broder Daniel – When we were winning

C G Am F
        C                       G
oh when we were seventeen, our life was like a film
         Dm                         F
when we were seventeen the sky was always tangerine
        C                         G
we ran through streets at night, under starlight
we ran through streets at night
     F              C G Am F
when we were winning

   C                       G
oh wild was the world, and wild we burned
        Dm                            F
we were kings of the streets, not yet beaten by defeats
    C                               G             
but now it's hard to see, through a fog of memories
   Dm                F              C G Am F
but I remember, when we were winning

       C                            G
now my friends are unemployed, not needed in this world
       Dm                     F
pushed down by this town and always turned down
    C                             G
but in dreams at night, they can sometimes recall
     Dm                   F              C G Am F
when we were heroes, when we were winning

Am           G           F      Am           G       F                 
what have we done to our lives? we could've been anything
Am                       G                 FCG  (C G Am F 2x)
we gave it our love for what? this is the time

        C                              G
oh it's in the air at night there's a wind coming in
     Dm                 F
the days dying, oh it's so beautiful
there's something happening somewhere
           G                     Dm
I take the bus in to town, all I see is laughing
    F             C G Am F
and we are winning

C            G          Dm              F
soon I grow older young boys I haven't lived yet
   C                  G              Dm
before tonight's the memory let's go out
I'm still young

C G Am F 2x
ahhhhh aaaaahh aaaaaah aaaaaaah

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