[I think he might have dropped half a note...not sure?]

        A                    E
I had a beautiful, beautiful time,
    A                         E
the drives and the talks were amazing,
    A                                  E
the kind of friend I thought I'd never find.
        A                    E
I had a beautiful, beautiful time.
           A                    E
You have a beautiful, beautiful smile,
           A                          E
the way it curls and collapses on your lips.
         A                       E
When you touch me I shake like a child.
     A                         B
It's late I'm afraid you might leave
                   E              A                   E
cause sometimes it seems like you still don't believe me.
            B         A          E
There's nothing I can do to concentrate,
     A          E          B    A      E
it's so distracting always thinking of you.
     E                        A                  B       A
So I expose and explain and I meant everything I said
     E                         A                     B
It's moments like these that repeat and replay in my head
When I'm laying in bed.

It's a beautiful, beautiful time. As you laugh and roll onto your stomach, the carpet 
your design. My heart pounds as I lay by your side and I find that I am unable to hide all 
feelings that flow. In this basement, in this dim light you look so beautiful.
I'm unsure and unclear with the words that I say. I'm happy when you're near and I
wish that could stay just like today. You have beautiful, beautiful eyes, so bright
and alive and enchanting. I want to be you all of the time. It's hopeless but I have
to try.

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