Alright....i have been looking for the tabs of this song for a very long time now and 
couldn't find it i decided to give it a shot myself.....but this is the 
first time ever that i tabbed a song....and i am a begginer and there surely could be 
mistakes...please let me know if you find can contact me at [email protected] a lot!

Artist: Toni Braxton
Song: Spanish Guitar

Tabbed by Sihanook Eshan is the intro guitar part as far as i could figure out.....

E |--1--0--1--3--1--0--1---------------|
B |--3--------------------------1--0---|
G |--2---------------------------------|
D |--3---------------------------------|
A |-----------------------3--2---------|
E |------------------------------------|

E |--------0---------------------|
B |--2--3-----3--2--3--2--0--2---|
G |------------------------------|
D |------------------------------|
A |------------------------------|
E |------------------------------|

E |--7--8--10--8--8--7--7-------|
B |------------------------------|
G |-------------------------1----|
D |-------------------------2----|
A |-------------------------2----|
E |------------------------------|

E |---------------------------------------------|
B |--3--2--0-----0---THIS LEADS TO THE SONG-----|
G |-----------2---------------------------------|  
D |---------------------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------|

After the song's started, you'll hear this after the first verse....

E |-----0---------------|
B |--2-----3--2--0--2---|
G |---------------------|
D |---------------------|
A |---------------------|
E |---------------------|

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