Till I get Over You - Michelle Branch
                   Album: Hotel Paper (2003)
Tabbed by: Toy
Email: [email protected]

Tuning: Standard

This is my first tab and I think it's very accurate:

Chords Used:

Cmaj7:  -  332000
Em:     -  022000
Em7:    -  020000
Am:     -  002210
C/G:    -  302010
D9/F#:  -  200210
G:      -  320033
Bm:     -  113321
Em7*:   -  022030
C#m7:   -  042000
D:      -  000232 
B7sus:  -  224252
E:      -  022100
A7:     -  002020
A7sus:  -  002030

Cmaj   Em   Em7

Verse 1:
Cmaj7                                  Em        Em7
Every time I feel alone I can blame on you and I do
Cmaj7                                                     Em   Em7
You got me like a loaded gun, golden sun and the skies so blue Oh

Pre Chorus:
         Am  C/G     D9/F#
We both know that we want it
       Am    C/G     D9/F#
and we both know you left me no choice

G               Bm     Em            Em7*
(Chaque fois que tu ton va) You just bring me down
G               Bm     Em    Em7*
(Je pretend que tu fois bien)
       C#m7                    Cmaj7       G     D
So I'm counting my tears, till I get over you

Verse 2:
Cmaj7                                                 Em     Em7
Sometimes I watch the world go by, wonder what it was like   oh
Cmaj7                                                     Em     Em7
To wake up every single day smile on your face, you never try

Pre-Chorus (same chords):
         Am  C/G       D9/F#
We both know, we can't change it
       Am       C/G          D9/F#
But we both know, we'll just have to face it


B7sus          E                  B7sus
       If only I could give you up
        E               Em          A7       A7sus
Would I want to let you off of this soap box baby

G  Bm  Em  Em7* 
G  Bm  Em  Em7*



I'm not over you

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