Okay, so the song itself doesnt have much guitar in it.
This sounds pretty good though if you want an acoustic version or something. 


Bb: 688766
Db: 446664
Eb: 668886
F: 881010108


Bb | Bb | Db | Eb

(Bb, Bb)Now (Db)Don't just (Eb)walk aw-(Bb, Bb)ay
(Db)Pretending (Eb)every-(Bb, Bb)thing's okay
(Db)And you (Eb)don't care about (Bb, Bb)me (Db, Eb)

(Bb, Bb) And I (Db)Know its (Eb)just no use (Bb, Bb)
(Db)And all your (Eb)lies be-(Bb, Bb)come your truths
(Db)And I (Eb) don't (F) care...yeah


Bb Eb | Db Eb|

Would you (Bb)look me in the (Eb) eyes (Db)
And (Eb)tell me that you're (Bb) happy now (Eb, Db, Eb) Ooh, ooh, ooh..
Could you (Bb)tell it to my (Eb) face (Db)
Or have I been (Eb)replaced
Are you (Bb)happy now? (Eb, Db, Eb)
Are you (Bb)happy now? (Bb, Db, Eb)

Verse Two:

Bb | Bb | Db | Eb

(Bb, Bb) You took (Db) All there (Eb) was to take (Bb, Bb)
(Db) And left me (Eb) with an (Bb, Bb) empty plate
(Db) And you don't (Eb) care about (Bb, Bb) me

(Bb, Bb) And I (Db)Am giving (Eb)up this game (Bb, Bb)
(Db)And Leaving (Eb)you with (Bb, Bb)all the blame
(Db)Cause I (Eb) don't (F)care- yeah 

Repeat Chorus Twice

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