David Bowie, Survive
Dalph , [email protected]
D. Bowie
Tabbed by Dalph (from the D-5 - Brussels)

Oh my, naked eyes
I should have kept you
I should have tried
Am			Em
I should of been more wiser kind of guy
D		G
I miss you

Give me wings
Give me space
D		      C
Give me money for a change of face
Am		        Em
There's noisy rooms and passion pants
D		G
I loved you

A		         G
Where's the morning in my life?
A		      G
Where's the sense in staying right?
A                           G
Who said time is on my side?
D          D/C#                 D/C
I got ears and eyes and nothing in my life 
But I survive your naked eyes

I'll survive

Instr : D    C    D    C    Am    Em    D    G

You alone across the floor 
You and me and nothing more
You're the great mistake I never made
I'll never lied to you
I hate it when you lied
But I'll survive your naked eyes
I'll survive

People boys all snowy white
Razzle dazzle clubs every night
Wished I'd sent a valentine
I loved you

I'll survive
Your naked eyes
I'll survive
I'll survive
My naked eyes
I'll survive
I'll survive
Naked eyes
I'll survive
I'll survive
I'll survive

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