here you go....
David Bowie - Everyone says hi

intro |C - Am -|

[C]Said you took a [Em] big trip
[Am] They said you moved away[Em]
[F]Happened oh so [G]quietly, they say[C-Am]
[C]Should have took a [Em]picture
[Am]Something I could keep[Em]
[F] Buy a little [G]frame, something [F]cheap-[G]..for you[F] - [G] everyone says hi[C-Am - C - Am]

Said you sailed a big ship,
Said you sailed away,
Didn't know the right things, to say.
I'd love to get a letter,
Like to know what's what,
Hope the weathers good and it's not too hot[F] - [G], for you[F] - [G]evryone says hi[F] - [G] everyone 
hi[F] - [G]

(G)Everyone says
[F] Don't stay in a [Em]sad place
Where they [F] Don't care how you [G] are,
Everyone says Hi[C - Am - C - Am]

[Eb]If the money is [Dm]lousey
[Am] You can always come [Ab] home,
[C] We can do all the [Am]old things,
[F] We can do all the [Am]bad things
[Eb] If the food gets you [Dm]leery,
[Am] You can always [Ab] call,
[C] We can do all the [Am]good things,
[F] We can do it, we can [Am]do it, we can do it...

[F] Don't stay in a [Em] bad place
Wher they [F] Don't care how you [G] are..

|F---|Em*---|F----|Em---| (repeat to fade)
..Everyone says hi x 3
and the girl next door,
and the guy upstairs
everyone says hi
and your mom and dad
everyone says hi
and your big fat dog

Em* 3-2-2-0-0-0-|
Em  0-2-2-0-0-0-|

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