Name: Federico
e-mail: [email protected]

I worked this out by ear only, pretty easy but not correct
anyway there it goes.Feel free to correct me


               Em C G D
               I lost all faith in my God,     in his religion too
               I told the angels they could sing their songs to someone new    (Em C G D)
               I lost all trust in my friends,         I watched my heart turn to stone
               I thought that I was left to walk this wicked world alone     (Em C G D)

               C                       G
               Tonight I'll dust myself off
               D                       Em
               Tonight I'll suck my gut in
               I'll face the night and I'll pretend
               I got something to believe in

               Em C G D
               And I had lost touch with reason
               I watched life criticize the truth
               Waiting for a miracle
               I know you have too

               C   G  D  Em
               Though I know I won't win, I'll take this one on the chin
               C      G
               We'll raise a toast and I'll pretend
               I got something to believe in

               G                         D
               If I don't believe in Jesus, how can I believe the Pope
                     Em                                C
               If I don't believe in heroin, how can I believe in dope
                                 G                                          D
               If there's nothing but survival, how can I believe in sin
                      Em                                              C                        Em  C
               In a world that gives you nothing, we need something to believe in... to believe in

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