Am               F          G
Now that you're gone, I can see what
      C H Am G
Was going on and 
Am       F
how you lied
When you'd said you'd never love again

Friends telephone and they say
You weren't out alone last night
Can't you see that this broken heart
Is killing me

Another night is falling
F5                               C       G
And now my heart is calling you back to me

Come back cause I need your love
Come back got to have your love
F5                           C      G
Come back bring your loving back to me
Come back cause it's been so long
Come back, and my love's still strong
Come back bring your loving back to me

You play with words play with love
It's just your silly way
I'm a fool cause I need you by my side again

Now it's too late you walk by
With another man
And I stand alone
Cause I know that you're not coming home


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