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 Subject: Bob Dylan - Seven Days
 From: James Henning 
 Subject: Re: Woody (and Bob's) Seven Days
 In article  you write:
 > I am wondering if anyone knows how to play Seven Days written by
 >Bob Dylan, and recorded by Ronnie Wood way back when for Gimme Some Neck.
 >I think Dylan also released it on the Bootleg Series.
 > It's really a great song, I'd love some pointers on how to play it...
 Hi Steve,
   I love that song too.  I'll try to roughly TAB/TALK you through it.
 The opening riff is off the opening E minor chord and goes roughly like
 G------------------------------            repeat for intro
 So... The intro is a held out E minor.
 Emin       C               G        B                      Emin
 Seven more days, she'll be coming.  I'll be waiting at the station
 Amin                                B
 For her to arrive.  Seven more days all I got to do is survive.
 And the other change is
 Amin                           Amin
 There's kissing in the valley, thieving in the alley
 B                          Emin
 Fighting every inch of the way.
 Amin                         Amin
 Trying to be tender with somebody I remember
      B                                                      Emin
 In a night that's allways brighter than the day.      Seven Days.
 Hope this helps.  All off the top of my head and I haven't played this
 One in a couple of years.
    BTW, how's your open tuning playing going?  Check out my sig for a
 Good riff.
 >From: [email protected] (David Michael Wright)
 >Subject: Seven Days --- Dylan Version
 Here are some chords, the way Wood does it is similiar but not the
 Same. (anyone have any ideas?)
 Sevan days 
 EM             C                        G
 Sevan days , sevan long days she'll be comin'
            B7           EM
 I'll be waitin' at the station
 For her to arrive
 B7                                      EM
 Sevan long days, all I gotta do is survive   
 She been gone, ever since I been a child, 
 Ever since I seen her smile
 I've never forgotten her eyes
 She had a face that outshined the sun and the sky
 I've been good, i've been good while i've  been waitin' 
 Forgive for hesitating, 
 But i've been hangin on
 Sevan more days and all that will be gone
 There's kissin' in the alley, theiving in the alley
 Fightin' every inch of the way
 Trying to get a lead on, providing the feat on
 The nights are always sadder than the days
 Sevan days , sevan days the wind is knowin'
 The whistle will be blowin'
 And I know she'll be coming for
 My beautifull comrade from the north.
 Repeat last first.
 There is nothing in the marginal conditions that     
     distinguish a mountain from a mole hill            
                       Kenneth Boulding                             
                                         All comments  are mine---(David Wright) 
                                                 [email protected]

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