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 This is from memory so there could be a mistake or two...
 One More Cup of Coffee
 Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy
 Your Breath is sweet, your eyes are like
 Two jewels in the sky
 Your back is straight your hair is smooth
 On the pillow where you lie.
 But I don't sense affection
 No gratitude or love.
 F                          E
 Your loyalty is not me but to the stars above
 Chourus :
 F                              E
 One more cup of coffee for the road.
 F                           E
 One more cup of coffee for I go,
 NC              Am     G F E
 To the valley below.
 Your daddy he's an outlaw
 And a wanderer by trade.
 He'll teach you how to pick an choose
 And how to throw the blade.
 And he oversees his kingdom
 So no stranger does intrude.
 His voice it trembles as he calls out
 For another plate of food
 Your sister sees the future
 Like your momma and yourself.
 You've never learned to read or write
 There's no books upon your shelf.
 And your pleasure know no limits
 Your voice is like a meadow larks.
 But your heart is like an ocean
 Mysterious and dark.
 He said thats alright Babe
 I love you too.
 But we were tangled up in blue.

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