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 Subject: CRD: It Takes a lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry - Dylan
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 Bob Dylan
         A...                      A...  A...        A...   A...
 Well, I ride on a mail train, baby,     can't buy a thrill
        A...          A...                  A...   A...
 I been up all night, leanin' on the window sill
       A.   A/G.   D.         E...   E...
 Well, if I die on top of the hill
          A...                  A...             A...
 Well, if I don't make it mama, you know my baby will
 Don't the moon look good mama, shinin' through the trees
 Don't the brakemen look good mama, flaggin' down the double E's
 Don't the sun look good goin' down over the sea
 But don't my gal look fine when she's comin' after me
 Now the wintertime is coming, the windows are filled with frost
 I went to tell everybody, but I could not get across
 I wanna be your lover baby, I don't wanna be your boss
 Don't say I never warned you when your train gets lost
 Each quarter note is donated by a .
 Therefore, A...   equals one whole bar.
 Peace, love, and soul,
 Paul Zimmerman

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