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 From: Ugo Piomelli 
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 Subject: Bob Dylan - You Ain't Going Nowhere (chords)
 You ain't going nowhere
 Bob Dylan
 G                     Am
 Clouds so swift, the rain won't lift
      C                      G
 The gates won't close, the railings froze
 Get your mind off wintertime
  C                  G
 You ain't going nowhere 
 Ooo-wee, ride me high
 Tomorrow's the day my bride's gonna come
 Ooh, ooh, are we gonna fly
 Down in the easy chair
 I don't care how many letters they sent
 The morning came and the morning went
 Pick up your money, pack up your tent,
 You ain't going nowhere
 Buy me a flute and a gun that shoots
 Tailgates and substitutes 
 Strap yourself to the tree with roots
 You ain't going nowhere
 Gengis Khan he could not keep
 All his kings supplied with sleep
 We'll climb that hill no matter how steep
 When we get up to it
 Ugo Piomelli                     Teachers, are my lessons done?
 Associate Professor              I cannot do another one
 Dept. of Mechanical Engineering  They  laughed and laughed and said
 University of Maryland           Child, are your lessons done? 
 College Park, MD 20742                      Leonard Cohen

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