Band: Blur
Song: The man who left himself
Submmited by: thom

This is one of my favorite blur tunes, with, probably, thier best chord progression...

C	 F
All good people

     D#	       G#
Your time will come

Work forever

    D#		 G
And still not be done

C	   A#
Close your tired eyes

No one knows you've gone

C	    F
It's not forever

      D#	   G
But today you've become

    F	    B	    G#
The man who left himself


G ------------5--
D --666--999--5--
A --666--999--3--
E --444--777-----

Don't belong here

     D#		     G#
Your heart beats too fast

C	 F
Feel the miss-beat

It starts and it stops

C	 A#
Don't be frightened

These things never last

Maybe tomorrow

     D#		    G
Your time will have past

         F	 B	 G#
It's the man who left himself

    F	    B	    G#
The man who left himself


D --666--999--
A --666--999--
E --444--777--

E ---------5------3--
B ---------5-----4---
G -5---2/-------3----
D -5-----------------
A -3-----------------
E -------------------

Love anyone (Repeat to Fade)

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