Refrain: (x2)
La Da Di Only with you...
La Da Di Lonely and blue...
F              Dm
Without you baby I will die,
Gm              C
Without you baby I can´t smile.

Dm            B
Oh, baby I´m ready
       C                  Am 
And I need you, oh, like insane
Oh, I miss you like crazy
Miss you more and more every day

Oh, maybe it´s better to leave me alone
And maybe it´s better, your heart is a stone 
    Gm                                           C
And maybe it´s better, a dream that I dream on my own...


Dm              B 
.....Only with you,
Only with you,
           C     Dm
Only with you...

Oh, baby, I´m ready
And I feel we´re going away
Oh, I need you - don´t fool me
Baby call me and I´ll be there

Don´t send me roses - again and again
I´m just no hero I´m just a man
Don´t send me roses 
I´m dreaming my dream to the end.


...Only with you,
Only with you,
Only with you...

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