Intro: (D#m F# G# D#m) x2

If I talk in my sleep and I walk in my dream
F#         G#      D#m
I´m just a fool for you.
Oh, I´m under your spell spell, baby, and it seems
All this in heaven too.

Oh, I´m that guy who takes the pain
Behind closed doors you´ll lie again
   G#m                                  C#
The light shot diamonds from your eyes tonight...

          F#  D#m                  H 
It´s history, there is enough for you and me
   C#                Bm      D#m  
I promised myself to you, for sure, my baby,
G#m             C#   
Oh, I swear you can´t ignore...
History, I justify my love is free
There is enough, my heart, for sure, my lady,
That´s what lovers living for.

Oh, you took all my love and you took all my soul
I´m just a jealous guy.
Oh, I drown in my tears when I loose control
There is no reason why.

Oh, there´s a heart with no name
And you are playing tricks again
The light shot diamonds from your eyes tonight...


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