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> Til I Am Myself Again - Blue Rodeo
> ---------------------
> Words and Music by: Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor
> >From the album: Casino
> Transcribed by: Drake Hirasawa ([email protected])
> Lyrics copied from Blue Rodeo website: www.bluerodeo.com
> Key: G
> Verse:
> G
> I want to know where my confidence went
> C                   G
> One day it all disappeared
>         G          D/F#  Em
> And I'm lying in a hotel room miles away
> C                      D
> Voices next door in my ear
> G
> Day time is bad, nighttime worse
> C                        G
> Hope that I can get home soon
>         G             D/F#       Em
> But the half-finished bottles of inspiration
> C                     D
> Lie like ghosts in my room
> Am
> I want to go
>   D
> I know  I can't stay
>     C
> But I don't want to run
>    D
> Feeling this way
> Chorus:
>     Am  Bm  C    D
> Til I       am myself
>     Am  Bm  C    D
> Til I       am myself
>     Am  Bm  C    D     G
> Til I       am myself again
> There's a seat on the corner I keep every night
> Wait til the evening begins
> I feel like a stranger from another world
> But at least I'm living again
> There are nights full of anger
> Words that are thrown
> Tempers that are shattered and thin
> And the moments of magic
> Are just too short
> They're over before they begin
> I know it's time
> One big step
> I can't go
> I'm not ready yet
> Til I am myself
> Til I am myself
> Til I am myself again
> Instrumental:
> D  C  G-C G, Em Bm C D, Am D G-D/F# Em, C C D D-C-D, G
> I had a dream that my house was on fire
> People laughed while it burned
> I tried to run by my legs were numb
> I had to wait til the feeling returned
> I don't need a doctor to figure it out
> I know what's passing me by
> When I look in the mirror
> Sometimes I see traces of some other guy
> I want to go
> I know I can't stay
> But I don't want to run
> Feeling this way
> Til I am myself
> Til I am myself
> Til I am myself again

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