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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 96 14:27:06 EDT
From: Drake Hirasawa 
Subject: CRD: Photograph by Blue Rodeo

Photograph - Blue Rodeo
>From the CD: Five Days in July
Words and Music by:  Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor
Transcribed by: [email protected] (Drake Hirasawa)
Lyrics copied from the Blue Rodeo web site:   www.bluerodeo.com

Key: A  (Capo on 2nd fret.  Chords shown for key of G.)

Intro: G

G              D
Started out so simple
Em            C            G
Everything so innocent and plain
G            D
She was in a doorway
   Em             C                G
And I was walking nowhere down the main

She whispered something softly
    C                G
And stepped into the light
Can you help me out she said
      C             G
I'm a little lost tonight
G       D         C               G
One day love just hits you with a flash
G             D               C         G
Lights go off around you like some photograph

She said her bags were stolen
All they left her was the camera on her arm
She told me she was new in town
Only two weeks off the farm

Why did I believe her
Heaven only knows
She looked into my eyes
And my resolution goes
One day love just hits you with a flash
Leaves you staring blindly like some photograph


Em                    D
Pictures of two fools laughing at the world
C                         G
Smiling as only good luck does
Em                       D
Truth is you're not even looking at me girl
All the time I was falling
You kept on stalling
Am                         D
Sizing up how big a fool I was

Woke up in the morning
I don't think that I had been asleep too long
The room was dark and empty
I could see that all my clothes and money were gone

I've run out of excuses
And people I can blame
If she ever asked me too
I'd do it all again
One day love just hits you with a flash
Leaves you staring blindly like some photograph

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