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xxxx = Palm Mute 
>>>> = Let Ring

I’ve seen plenty of tabs for this song. I’ve wanted to play it for a long time, but I couldn’t find any good tabs for it.>> So I decided to tab it myself.  I assure you this TAB IS CORRECT!!
THIS SONG RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

Intro: >> After DRUMS
(Palm Muted)     ..”Hey Mom there’s something in the backroom..”
e -----------------------------
B -----------------------------
G -----------------------------
D –99999999999999>>>>-------------
A –99999999999999>>>>-------------
E –77777777777777>>>>-------------

This is played between the second and third Verses
e ------|-------------------------
B -pick-|-------------------------
G slide-|-------------------------
D ------|-------------------------
A ------|--9999xxxx-22-6666xxxx-22
E ------|--7777xxxx-00-4444xxxx-00

Verse 1: “What if people knew these were real”
(Palm Muted for whole verse) Listen to the song to get rhythm
e --------------------------------------
B --------------------------------------
G --------------------------------------
D --99999999-44444444-66666666-22222222-
A --99999999-44444444-66666666-22222222-
E --77777777-22222222-44444444-00000000-

Chorus: ”Up all night long..”
e -----------------------------
B -----------------------------
G -----------------------------
D -99999-44444-99999-444-999------------------------
A -99999-44444-99999-444-999------------------------
E -77777-22222-77777-222-777------------------------

“ and I know it must be late..”
(Palm Muted) Play Twice
e -----------------------------
B -----------------------------
G -----------------------------
D -----------------------------
A -444-444-444-444--777-777-777-777--------------------
E -222-222-222-222--555-555-555-555--------------------

“I’m not like you guys, I’m not like you” 
e -----------------------------
B -----------------------------
G -----------------------------
D –2>>>>-4>>>>-9>>>>--------------------------
A –2>>>>-4>>>>-9>>>>--------------------------
E –0>>>>-2>>>>-7>>>>--------------------------

e -------------------------------
B -------------------------------
G -------------------------------
D -------------------------------
A -9999xxxx-22-6666xxxx-22-------
E -7777xxxx-00-4444xxxx-00-------

Repeat Verse 1 chords for verse 2
Repeat Chorus

Interlude: Clean
Guitar 1 for as long as needed
e -------------------------
B ------------------------
G ------------------------
D -999999999999---------
A -999999999999------------------------
E -777777777777-------------------------

Interlude: Guitar 2
e ----------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------
G --8-8-8-8---6-6-6-6---9-9-9-9---8-8-8-8-
D ----------------------------------------
A ----------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------
End with Chorus (same as other chorus’
That’s about it for this song. I think it’s pretty easy, I hope you think the same.  Send any good comments, tips or corrections to [email protected] 

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