Tones of Home

 D      C      Fmaj7  G      F      Dm7    Dm     E13
xx0232 032010 xx3210 3x0003 133211 xx0211 xx0231 0x0122

Begin with D C D   C D  C  D  C  D

D               Fmaj7         D    G
What do you think they would say

F    D        Fmaj7       D      G     F  D
If I stood up       and I walked away

       Fmaj7       D           G    F
Nobody here really understands   me

D           Fmaj7            D     G   F      D     C
And so I’ll wave goodbye I’m fine, I'm        fine

D       D     C        D
        Tones       of   home

               C                D     
Said you don’t like the way I’m living

G                       D   
Tones of home, tones of home

         C      D
And so I wave goodbye.

           C      D 
I’m flyin’    I’m fly-in’ home

And I always thought this would be
the land of milk and honey
Oh but I came to find out that it’s
all hate and money
And there’s a canopy of greed holding me down.

D                                              D  Dm7
   See I’m so high to you, so I’ll fade away

I said your on your own
Your Mom and Daddy said, that your sister said, 
and your brother's saying, is saying
Everybody is saying everybody, is
saying I, I, I gotta go!!
All my friends patronize me and they say
Yo hey boy!  Have you found what your looking for.
It seems they don’t really know me 
Cause it’s here and its what they can’t see.

end with Dm C Dm C Dm C Dm C Dm

       C      D      E13
fly-in,   I'm fly-in home

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