Artist : Blind Melon
Song : Mouth full of cavities

this is deffinatly one of my favorite blind melon songs. i was upset
at how the other tabs sounded, so i decided to put up my version.
I think this is about as close as it gets, see for

At the very first of the song, he just strums the E chord . Then goes
into this..


--0(repeat the A over and over with slight veriations)-----------|
they see everything you do....


 Seeing everything on the inside out
use distortion on about the 6th level


Mouthful of cavities
your souls a bowl of jokes
ane everyday you remind me
how I'm desperately in need

See, I got alot of fiends around
and they're peaking through nothing new
they see you
they see everything you do

Seeing everything on the inside, out

Oh,please give me a little more
and I'll push away those baby blues
'Cause one of these days this will die
so will me and so will you

I write a letter to a friend of mine
I tell him how much I used to love to
watch him smile

See I haven't seen him smile in  a
little while
Haven't seen him smile in a little while

But, I know you're laughin' from the
inside out
Laughin' from the inside out
I know you're laughin' from the
inside out

Laughin' from the inside
from the inside (x3)
from the inside out.

Any changes , comments, or request, please send me flames or thanks to
[email protected], i'd love to hear from ya! later guys!

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