Blessid Union of Souls

Em C G D  2X

Em                      C
I saw our future in her eyes 
G                              D
We searched for love amidst the lies 
I didn't mean to draw her in 
To a fight we'll never win 
And I sigh as... 

Chorus 2X
G 			     Em7
She becomes like jelly in my hands 
jelly in my hands
jelly in my hands

She told me things I never heard 
And I just drank her every word 
We swallow all that love can give 
Cause love's the reason that we live 
And I cry as... 

Chorus 2X

We crossed our T's with gazing eyes 
We knew it all was finalized 
Built this love on sinking sand 
And I'm ashamed that I'm afraid to lend a hand as... 

Chorus 3X

G Em7 D C

Corrections welcome...
      __	    aaa      ccc
     |_)|              a    c   c
    /  /            aaaa    c    
   |_ |      	   a   a    c   c
  / |             aaaaa     ccc h
 |  *  |>  w       w     t       h
   _/    w   w   w    ttt      hhh
   |. |     w w w w      t       h  h
  /. /       w   w        tt     h  h

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