Snowblind - Bass
 Black Sabbath - Volume 4 (1972)
 tune dowm 1 1/2 steps low to high (C# F# B E)
        intro riff                                            What you get
      and what you see...                                     My eyes are
      blind but I can see... (1st Solo also)                         Don`t
      -7------7-6--6-6-5--5-5-7-9--------------||back to intro riff||-----
      ----------------------------9--9-9-------||vocal riff and    ||-----
      ---7-10----------------------------9-10-||chorus riffs a    ||-7--7
      -----------------------------------------||couple of times.  ||-----
      you think I know what I`m doin`, your the one that`s...
      ----------------------------------------------7---7---||back to vocal
      ------------------------------------------------------||riff for the 
      -10p7-10p7--7--7-10p7-10p7--7--7-10p7-10p7--5---5-----||2nd guitar 
      =slide down  h=hammer-on  Be careful around the 1st solo riff, it`s
      /=slide up    p=pull-off   a little tricky, also peicing the song 
                                 together may be a little tricky at first, 
                                 eventually it`ll come.

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