this is how I play sister luck.  Unknown if it's right but it works for me.  It simple using bar chords.

F    C    Bb    D
X    X    X     X
X    X    X     X
2    5    3     7
3    5    3     7
3    3    1     5
1    3    1     5

INTRO:     C  Bb  C  Bb   C  Bb F

F     C       Bb  X 4 with SOLO

SOLO: done twice, and add ending to solo after second time
                              |  ENDING     
 F       C               Bb
worried sick my eyes are hurting
 F         C                Bb
to rest my head I'll take a life
 F       C            Bb
outside the girls are dancin,  Cause when you're
 F     C                 Bb  
down it just don't seem right
 F              C           Bb
feelin' second fiddle to a dead man
 F       C                 Bb
up to my neck with your disregard, like a
 F        C                    Bb
beat dog that's walkin' on the broadway
 F              C                     Bb    Bb  C   D
no one wants to kick you when you're down

     D             C              Bb                  Bb C D
     sister luck is screaming out somebody else's name
     D             C              Bb
     sister luck is screaming out somebody else's name

 F      C     Bb   X 2 with solo once

 F          C                  Bb
a flip of a coin might make a head turn
 F     C            Bb
no sur-prise,  who sleeps
 F       C           Bb
held my hand over a candle,  the
 F           C              Bb      Bb  C  D
flame burned but I'll never weep


 F    C   Bb  X 4  with solo and then fade


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