Don't Say Goodbye Say Goodnight

(chords by micdt)
([email protected])

Intro: G-D-C (2x)

G       D-C                       G-D-C
I lie awake and feel your nearness
G         D-C                 G-D-C
I never wanted more than this

Repeat Intro

Stanza 1: (do intro chords)

I don't wanna run beneath your tears
I don't wanna catch them when they're falling
But it's the same old song
Playing over...and over

D       Em           C-Csus4
Now I lie upon my face
D          Em
Though we try
            C                  D
I guess that's the way it's supposed to be

G               C           Am7
Don't say goodbye say goodnight
              C D
So it's not over
G            C
And if you try
             Am7              C-D
then answer why it's just over?
           G-D-C  G-D-C
It's goodbye

Stanza 2:
(do same as Stanza 1)

I hope to see the dawn of daybreak
And the sun rise to cloudless skies

Bridge 2: (do same as bridge)

Now I tried to see the truth
But I closed my eyes
And you were there for me
And I was there for you

(repeat refrain except last line)

G C Am7 C-D
G C Am7 C-D

(repeat bridge 1)
(repeat chorus)

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