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 Big Tent Revival
 This is a really cool song, message wise, this isn't exactly how it's
 Played on the record, but I haven't taken the time to transcribe it note
 For note, given how long it takes me to import a single line on my Mac. 
 If you want to know how to play these chords, as they may look
 Intimidating for some, or have corrections, E Mail me [email protected]
 I play this two ways, depending on my mood. The real song I believe, is
 Played with a capo at the 4th fret. 
   E            B/D#        C#m           B
 This here's a story about two sets of Joneses
      E       B/D#   C#m        B
 Rothschild, Evelyn Reuben and Sue
     E        B/D#              C#m     B
 Just for discussion, through random selection
         A/E        B           A/E       E
 We've chosen two couples who haven't a clue
 Rothschild was lucky to marry so wealthy
 And Evelyn bought him a house on the beach
 Reuben and Sue, they had nothin' but Jesus
 And at night they would pray that He'd care for them each
           C#m  A/E   E
 And the rains came down
        C#m       A/E        E  
 And it blew the four walls down
          C#m         A/E    E   C#m
 And the skies they rolled away
 A/E          B
 One set of Joneses
 A/E                 E
 Were standing that day
 Evelyn's daddy was proud of young Rothschild
 Worked the late hours to 
 Be number one
 Just newlyweds, and their marriage got rocky
 He's flying to Dallas, she's having a son
 Reuben was holding Gideons Bible
 When he screamed It's a boy! so that everyone heard
 And the guys at the factory, took a collection...
 And again, God provided for bills they'd incurred
 CHORUS again
 Amaj7                        E
 So what is the point of my story?
 Amaj7                E
 What am I trying to say?
       E             E/D#       C#m             C#m/B
 Well is your life built on the Rock of Christ Jesus
 Or a sandy foundation you've managed to lay?
 Well needless to say, Evelyn left her husband
 And sued him for every penny he had
 I truly wish that those two would find Jesus
 Before things get worse than the already have
         A/E            B
 There's two sets of Joneses
        A/E     B           E
 Which be?

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