alright, the main verse to this song is just F,Am, G, or at least thats the simplest way
to play it with chords. no capo or extra place of a normal G you can use cadd9
or something close to to corrections, awesome song, have fun with it.

     F      Am     G   (cadd9)
e ---1-------0-----3------3----------------------------
B ---1-------1-----0------3----------------------------
G ---2-------2-----0------0----------------------------
D ---3-------2-----0------x(0)-------------------------
A ---3-------0-----2------3----------------------------
E ---0-------0-----3------x(0)-------------------------

  F            Am
Allie woke up 8AM
Graduation day.
Got into a car,
       Am              G
And crashed along the way.
And you were standing

On the hood of the car
Singing out loud
When the sun came up.
        F                  Am
And I knew I wasn't right,
But it felt so good.
            F                Am
And your mother didn't mind,
Like I thought she would.
          F              Am
And that REM song was playing 
In my mind.
      F                 Am     G
And three and a half minutes
               F      Am   G
Felt like a lifetime
                    F    Am   G
It felt like a lifetime

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