Artist: Beta Band
Track: Dry The Rain 
Tabbed by : Chris Holmes

This is for all the people who mailed me about beta band basslines, you know 
who you are. Mail me and let me know how you get on and I might do some more. 
It's probably not very accurate but here you go.

I have only indicated the notes in this part and not the exact amount of 
times they are played as he plays them so softly that it's hard to tell. 

G --------------------------------------------------
D --------------------------------------------------
A -7----7----7----7----7----12----7----12----12----7
E --------------------------------------------------

Moths in the corner....

G -----------------------------------------------------------------
D -----------------------------------------------------------------
A -0----------3---------2---------5--------0-----------------------
E -------------------------------------------------3-------2------0

Play the whole of the above twice.  The time on the CD should then be 2:01

G ------------------------------------------------------------------
D ------------------------------------------------------------------   X4
A -22222222--55555555--00000000-------------------------------------
E -------------------------------33333333--22222222--00000000-------

   3:19 -Repeat this 'til the end

G -----4-444-2-44-2-0---
D ----------------------
A -2-2------------------
E ----------------------

G -----7--77-----5h7-5-0
D -----------5h7--------
A -5-5------------------
E ----------------------

G ------------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------5----5---
A -5/7-777---5/7-777---5/7-777--77---77---77
E ------------------------------------------

That's it. Never underestimate the power of Needlecord. 

[email protected]

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