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From [email protected] Fri Apr 18 10:35:05 1997
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 16:06:31 -0100
From: Dan 
To: [email protected]
Subject: TAB: 'Philosophy' 'The Ben Folds Five'

This is my first tab writing and it's not even tab.  I suddenly managed to
work out the chords to this song a few weeks ago and so I thought I'd share
them with y'all.

Philosophy by The Ben Folds Five
              by Dan Ladle

Intro :
       C  G  Am  C  C  G  C  G
              (at the one above middle C)

The twiddly bit's for that part are something like :

(C)cdedcg (G)bgdb (Am)abcbae (C)cdef
(C)cgcgfc (G)gabag (C)cgcgfc (G)gabag

  Then do the same again on the middle C

Then the verse goes something like this :

Won't you look up at the skyline
          C              F
At the Motorblock In class
       C             Em
and check out the reflections in my eyes
    F                Dm             C
  The chorus is the same as the intro again, and I'm sure you can work the
rest out yourselves.

Check out my Ben Folds Five web page too, at :

Homepage : http://www.livjm.cms.ac.uk/www/homepage/cmsdladl/home.htm

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