Em A C Em
Em A C Em

Em              A
I´ve seen the story
      C                     Em
I´ve read it over once or twice
Em          A
I said that you say
   C                   Em
A little bit of bad advice

I´ve been in trouble
Happened to me all of my life
I´ve lied and you lie
And who would get the sharpest knife

                     Em                A
You know I couldn´t be somebody like that
                     C                   Em
I´m not the kind of man to throw his hat into the ring and
Go down without following through
     C              Em
The day turns into night
Go down following through
     C              Em
The day turns into night

Em A  Em A  Em A
Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh,
This is just where I came in

 G  Bm7/F# Em      

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