Band: Beck
Song title: Pay no mind
From: Mellow Gold 94

**Tabbed by Harry Irving**

This's song two on the album
This is the album right here
Put on the album

D             A        C      D
Tonight the city is full of morgues 
D             G               D 
And all the toilets are overflowing
          D        A          C           D 
There's shopping malls coming out of the walls
D             G             A    E 
As we walk out among the manure

           G  F  E
That's why 
           G  F  E
I pay no mind 
           G  F  E
I pay no mind
           G  F  D
I pay no mind

Give the finger to the rock and roll singer
As he's dancing upon your paycheck
The sales climb high through the garbage pail sky
Like a giant dildo crushing the sun

That's why
I pay no mind
I sleep in slime
I just got signed

So get out your lead-pipe pipe dreams
Get out your ten-foot flags
The insects are huge and the poison's all been used
And the drugs won't kill your day job

Honey, that's why
I pay no mind
I pay no mind
I pay no mind

(Harmonica solo)

That's why
I pay no mind [x7]

**Tune down half a step**

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