Transcribed by: Jake Burgoon 
Little One (from Sea Change)

Standard Tuning

Intro and Verse - played moderately slow 


                                     After the second  e|---------------------|
                                     verse, he plays   B|---------------------|
                                     this ending to    G|-----6--7-7--6-6-----|
                                     lead into the     D|---------------------|
                                     chorus ------->   A|-----7--9-9--7-7-----|

Chorus - strumming chords

 C     A     F     C     D     A     C     G     E
(The chord changes are simple and can easily be heard on the album)

----Verse (2x w/ second time having the alternate ending)


Bridge - strumming again

F    D/F#    G    A    F    E    A    G

----Verse (2x w/ second time having the alternate ending)

----Chorus (3x)

After this, the band has a mini jam session that lasts for a little over a
minute, so I always end the song where my tab ends.  Enjoy!
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments.

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