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Fuckin With My Head by Beck
(transcribed by S. Brown ([email protected]))

E              D    A         E D A
I ain't got no inclination
E            D        A       E D A
Give away my sweet sensation
E             D       A       E D A
Sleepin in an old toolshed
E             D      A        E D A
Scumbag cryin on his pillow

D              A               G                 D              E     E D A
When you wanna be with me then we will see who's fuckin with my head

Found myself in New Orleans
With a scarecrow in my jeans
Beat my forehead through the ceiling
Drank my coffee with a hubcap

Float upon my checkout boots
Floating by you on the bayou
Now talkin on a walkie talkie
[?] cop a little to my hand

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